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a deeper dive into my story & the evolution of my work

Hi there, my name is Mackenzie Rae. I currently live in a beautiful little corner of the Pacific Northwest, Bellingham, WA, land of the Nooksack & Lummi native peoples.


I'm a Somatic Practitioner, Energy Healer, Yoga Teacher & an Intuitive Coach. I was drawn to the healing arts as a teenager. I dove deep into my studies and practice of Reiki and yoga when I was 16, about 14 years ago. The impact that these practices had on my life were profound. I not only discovered what it was that I wanted to dedicate my life to at a pretty young age but the practices saved and re directed the course of my life in a huge way.

I studied Reiki for a couple of years with my teacher, Berta Prevosti, in Stratford, CT before going off to college at The University of Vermont. I decided to deepen my studies in college to pursue more knowledge and experience in the realm of Holistic Health & Integrative Medicine. My undergrad degree is comprised of courses ranging from Herbalism, Mindfulness, Yoga & Ayurveda, Energy Medicine, Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry & Biology.


Although I was immersed in such beautiful teachings all throughout college, I struggled immensely in my relationship with food, my body and myself. I felt out of control with food and overwhelmed trying to keep myself together in school. I struggled with an eating disorder for about a decade. I did all of the things to try to "fix" it. Nothing worked.

After college, I did some extended solo travel and soul searching in South East Asia, where I dove deeper into my studies with yoga. I completed a 200 hour teacher training through Zuna Yoga in Bali. After my travels, I landed back in Vermont where I had gone to school. When my struggles with food were at a peak, I discovered the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and ended up training with them to become a Certified Eating Psychology Coach. This training and experience was what really transformed my relationship to food and my body. I no longer struggled with the immense guilt, shame and pressure around food, exercise and body image. Soon after this training, I landed in the Pacific Northwest and began working with individuals in the realm of food, diet and body image.

After a few years of working with people in this realm as well as continuing offering and teaching Reiki and yoga, I decided I was ready for more training. I started studying Family & Systemic Constellation work with a dear friend and mentor, Laura Widman, as well as Anngwyn St. Just. In October of 2020, I started a three year training at a school for Body Psychotherapy and Core Energetics based in Seattle. This experience has greatly impacted my own personal development as well as the way I work with individuals on their path to self discovery, personal development, and transformation.

I am a life long learner. Deeply dedicated to my own inner work and growth journey. I love learning about dream work, ancestral healing, how to build with my hands, cooking, interior design, human design, tarot, yoga philosophy and much more. I love backpacking, hiking, snowboarding, acro yoga, dancing, gardening, thrifting and creating order out of chaos in all areas of life.


I'd love to connect with you if it seems like we may be a good fit!


professional bio

+ Currently training as a student of IFS (Internal Family Systems)

+ Completed 2 ½ years of training at a school for Body Psychotherapy & Core Energetics based in Seattle, WA (October 2020-April 2023)

+ Mentored & Studied Family & Systemic Constellation Work with Laura Widman (2017 – 2021)

+ Bachelor of Science in Holistic Health & Integrative Medicine – The University of Vermont 2015

+ Certified Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition Coach (250 hours) – The Institute for the Psychology of Eating 2017

+ Certified 200 Hour Yoga Teacher – Zuna Yoga 2016 (currently working towards 500 hour certification)

+ Certified Reiki Master 2010 (year long training & mentorship with over 1,000 hours of practice) – Student of Berta Prevosti, Stratford, CT

+ Certified Healing Touch I & II Practitioner – The University of Vermont 2013

+ Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner – The University of Vermont 2013



Do you accept insurance?

I unfortunately can not accept insurance at this time. Potentially at some point further down my path.

Is our work confidential?

Yes, the work we do together is completely confidential unless I discover you are engaging in child or elder abuse or express intent to harm yourself or someone else, I must report these things to protect both you and others. If I seek consultation around the work we do together, no identifying information about you will ever be provided.

How often do you recommend doing sessions together?

I recommend meeting weekly for the first 3 months to establish a consistent foundation together. After that, I recommend checking in to see how the flow is feeling and adjusting as necessary. If finances or scheduling do not allow you to meet weekly, I recommend meeting biweekly.

Where do sessions take place?

Session are available on Zoom or in person at my Bellingham office.

How much do you charge?

I offer sessions on a sliding scale $100 - $150. Sessions are typically an hour long. Longer sessions are available upon request. Mentorships with support outside sessions are available with a larger investment. Learn more here.

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