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a space for somatic healing. yoga. creativity & authentic expression 

About Us

Hey, I'm Mackenzie Rae

mackenzie rae.png

Holistic Healing Mentor

Human Development Guide

Somatic Healing Practitioner

Intuitive Life Coach

Yoga Teacher

I work with...

I struggled in my relationship with food & body image for well over a decade. I know the patterns and the struggle very well. After many, many years of failed attempts at healing this pattern, I studied Eating Psychology & Mind Body Nutrition and finally was able to put these struggles to rest. I am passionate about helping others who struggle with binge eating, emotional eating, food control, restriction and chronic dieting find peace in their relationship with food and themselves.​

+ adult women & young women transitioning into adulthood

As a woman myself, I can relate with a lot of the challenges and gifts that come with being and becoming a woman.

​+ artists, creatives & visionaries​

I help creatives bring their ideas down to earth in a tangible way. I understand how vulnerable it feels to share your work and your art with the world... and I understand how easy it is to sabotage yourself in this process.

+ people pleasers

I love supporting people in developing more honest relationships with themselves and others. I help people begin to understand and honor their own capacity... learning how to create loving, kind and firm boundaries in life is one of the most powerful things we can do for ourselves and our relationships. 

recovering perfectionists & doers

The world doesn't need you to be more perfect. The world needs you to be more you. It seems like a common theme amongst my clients is that there is a never ending productivity list running in the background... people typically come to me when a part of them is craving more slowness & simplicity to life.

+ folks who struggle in their relationship with food & body image

Note - if you resonate with my message and feel drawn to work together, I encourage you to reach out even if you don't necessarily resonate with any of the descriptions listed above.

It's  my  mission 

+ to help you bring the unconscious to the conscious so you can weed out all of the  patterns in your life, body & psyche that are not serving the person you are becoming

I  am  here  to  hold  &  support

+ the vision that you have told yourself is not possible

+ the parts of yourself that you have cast aside, dismissed or buried

+ you as you lean into your growth edges, take risks & evolve

my  intention  is  to 

+ help you meet & discover yourself in a deeper & more loving way... the  Shadow & all

+ bring some light into the dark around the journey to healing by weaving in play, laughter & humor into our sessions

+ be a sacred witness & space holder for you to be with your feelings fully

+ build a safe space for you to get really honest with yourself

+ deeply listen to you, your heart & your body's innate wisdom

set up a consult call

I offer free 15 minute calls to discuss what you're looking for & determine whether or not we'd be a good fit to work together. If it doesn't sound like we would be a great fit, I will do my best to refer you to the appropriate resources. Please send me an email if you'd like to set something up.

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